Frequently Asked Questions about Floorboards

Exactly what are they?

Floorboards will be the panels that comprise the ground of any space. They are often made from different components, which includes timber, laminate, and vinyl. Moreover, floorboards can be either tough or soft. Difficult floorboards like oak or maple are normally created from tiled floorboards (obkladové palubky) tougher forests. Weakened floorboards are often made out of much softer forest, such as pine. The floorboards can even be tarnished or decorated to complement the décor of the area.

Floorboards tend to be laid perpendicular for the joists inside a area. The boards could be nailed, screwed, or stuck for the joists. Floorboards may also be hovering, which means they are certainly not attached to the joists and may be relocated all around. Drifting floorboards are normally made out of laminate or vinyl fabric and may be set up more than current flooring.

Floorboards are available in sizes and thicknesses. The dimensions of the boards depends upon the breadth of the room. Thickness is usually between ¼ ” (.64 cm) and ½ inch (12 mm). The density of the boards will impact how much sound the surface will make. Thicker panels will also be more durable and go longer.

Most houses have floorboards in the living room area, dining area, bed rooms, and hallways. Floorboards could also be used in other rooms, for example the kitchen area, restroom, or basements. Floorboards are super easy to keep clean and maintain. They may be vacuumed or swept having a broom. For harder dirt and stains, floorboards might be washed by using a mop and solution manufactured especially for wooden surfaces.

Surfaces made from oak are some of the most sophisticated and sturdy offered, causing them to be perfect for high-targeted traffic locations at your residence, such as the living area or hallway. Even so, if you’re trying to find some thing a bit gentler underfoot, pine can be a better option and it is often employed in rooms.

Vinyl floorboards are well-liked for cooking areas and bath rooms as they’re water-resistant and easy to clean. Laminate flooring is likewise water-proof and may be used in every place in your house. It’s obtainable in numerous designs, which include timber, natural stone, and tile.


The floorboards of any room will be the boards that make up the surface. They’re offered in different materials, sizes, and thicknesses to match every need to have, causing them to be a beautiful choice for homes. Take into account the substance, density, and dimension best suited to your needs although picking floorboards.