Poker qq- A Case Of Pandora’s Box

Most of us have seen how people like to bet and gamble often with much at stake. Gambling though has had quite some interesting impacts on society at large. Be it in the times of ‘Mahabharat’ (where Yudhishthira gambles despite others’ displeasure) or in the modern times in Goa or places like Macau and Las Vegas, gambling has survived the test of time and has undergone several modifications and got many a new aspect embedded into it. In the technology era, as every nook and corner gets connected to the World Wide Web, there’s another aspect of the “game” that demands serious attention from those who are well-read – Online Gambling.

Is everything hunky-dory?
Essentially online gambling involves conducting games like poker qq, rummy, and sports betting on online platforms through websites and mobile applications. An interesting factoid in this regard is the market value of such a venture. estimates the global market value to be a whopping 45 billion USD. Closer home, it is found that Indians have a very big fascination for the act, and given the rise in availability of smartphones, the figures have only gone up ever since transitioning to the tech era.
Technological advancements have made people lose interest in brick and mortar casinos and shift to the faster, easier, and more engaging online platforms. However, gambling remains a cause of concern as there are quite a lot of states which have banned gambling (online form as well), the latest being Andhra Pradesh. Something is amiss and everything is not hunky-dory.

We must look at why there is a cause of concern amongst lawmakers and other people regarding this particular issue. There are generally different servers by these websites which host a live screening of a game directly through the broadcasting media partners.